The pages of VEDEM present a beautiful mosaic of poems, essays and short stories, written by the boys from ŠKID. Their texts not only reflect the soul of the authors and the atmosphere of the time and place, but are often of a high literary value and carry a deep moral message. We present a selection of the most interesting ones, which we intend to expand as time goes by.


Icy mountains, horizons far
Huddles of icebergs and icy fields
Sun, red with the blood of icy giants,
Gleaming ice ring, reflections abundant,
Fulmars follow the southern line.

They leave us for glamour abundant,
Lemon groves and cypress shade
In the south – the landscape there
Has a different, more cheerful tenor.
Farewell, you daring ones.

Who ever walk under the skies
That breathe the charm of distant lands,
Icy mounds and polar mists
Behind the red sun of the horizon
Ever walk north.

-nz-   (Petr Ginz)