The Nature School is an eight-year high school from the Czech Republic, Prague, Letňany. It differs from most other schools in many respects. First of all, there are only 70 students in total. The students have a significant role in the planning and organization of the life of the school, and work on a great number of projects and practical activities, which are an inherent part of the school’s educational program (see
In 2009, our school launched a long-term project SHOA, focused on the holocaust and Nazi persecution. The students became acquainted with the fates of people affected by Nazism (Jewish children, a Romany family, resistance fighters...) and in various ways (studying the manuscripts, visiting places of deportation, playing theatre, discussions, meetings or correspondence with the survivors, etc.) they tried not only to understand what these people went through then, but also to grasp their philosophy and the legacy of their lives. The very texts from VEDEM served as an important compass in our search. That is the reason why the work on their digitalization became an important issue for many students from all grades of our school. For a more detailed impression of our school see the film by Matouš Bičák The Dream School on our web pages.

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